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A new mechanism for tree mortality due to drought and heatwaves
Hervé Cochard

Recommended by Erwin Dreyer based on reviews by Sabine Rosner and 1 anonymous reviewer
A very useful simulation of the impact of drought and enhanced temperatures on embolism in trees and on tree dieback

Water availability has been known to strongly modulate forest productivity and tree growth on an interannual basis (as revealed by numerous dendrochronological studies) and across biomes (Ellison et al, 2017). Recurrent episodes of severe drought lead to decreased soil water content and as a consequence to visible losses in annual growth increment, and in some cases even to tree death and forest decline. The occurrence of such drought events and of larger scale tree dieback, seem to be increasin...

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Interaction of drought and frost in tree ecophysiology: rethinking the timing of risks
Guillaume Charrier, Nicolas Martin-Stpaul, Claire Damesin, Nicolas Delpierre, Heikki HÀnninen, José Torres-Ruiz, Hendrik Davi

Recommended by Rosana LĂłpez based on reviews by Sean Gleason and Jordi MartĂ­nez Vilalta
Giving a temporal context to drought and frost vulnerability of trees

Range limits of forest species are frequently imposed by spatial gradients in climatic variables. Tolerance to maximum and minimum temperatures, including short-term extremes, and tolerance to desiccation are crucial limiting factors for plant survival and often appear interrelated (Box 1995; Choat et al. 2018). Increasing temperatures, more frequent and extreme droughts and late frost events associated with global climate change will affect the dynamics of forest ecosystems and have the potenti...