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About PCI Forest and Wood Sciences

PCI Forest and Wood Sciences is a community of recommenders who recommend unpublished articles (preprints) dealing with important or debated issues in forest and wood sciences. Once recommended by the PCI Forest and Wood Sciences on the basis of rigorous peer reviews, articles become valid and citable references. This community will evaluate preprints dealing with the following thematic fields:

  • Tree biology and physiology: integrative biology, ecophysiology, adaptation to global change;
  • Biology of wood in living trees: cambial activity and wood formation, dendrochronology, wood anatomy and tree functioning or evolution, wood traits and tree ecology, tree biomechanics and mechanoperception;
  • Interactions between trees and microorganisms: symbioses, pathogens, decomposers; forest pathology and epidemiology;
  • Forests and animals: entomology, pests, fauna, population dynamics;
  • Functional forest ecology (carbon, water and energy cycles): interactions with the environment, adaptation to climate change;
  • Forest soils and nutrient cycles: soil biology and soil science, fertility and site factors;
  • Population dynamics and genetics of forest trees, genomics, biotechnologies;
  • Forest history: historical forest ecology, responses to global change, wood as historical tracers;
  • Conservation and restoration of forests;
  • Inventory and assessment of forest ressources and forest dynamics;
  • Silviculture and forest management: adaptive forestry, multifunctional forestry, forest engineering and logistics, forest regeneration;
  • Urban forestry;
  • Wood properties and wood products: quantification of the variability at different scales ranging from intra ring level up to the forest resources; understanding the relationships between  wood anatomy and wood physical, chemical and mechanical properties ; interactions between the growth conditions of the trees and the wood properties of the end products; optimization of the conversion of logs into end products by including interactions between wood, processes and end products.;
  • Forest ecosystem services and forest conservation: biodiversity, water quality, recreation and others;
  • Forest economics: risks, environmental aspects, ecosystem services and others;
  • Forest policies and social aspects of forests and forest products;
  • Forest based bioeconomy: new products, new uses, innovation, social issues; systemic approaches like life cycle analyses …, sustainable impact assessment of forest-wood chains (modeling, territorial LCA, economic geography …).

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